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About us

ebooks.lu is the free lending service for ebooks in English, French and German since 2015. Since April 2020 the loan of audiobooks in English, German and French is also possible. It is a joint initiative of the Conseil supérieur des bibliothèques (CSB) and the National Library of Luxembourg (BnL).

Implementation of this service as a pilot project began in June 2015, with management entrusted to the Consortium Luxembourg and the National Library’s IT department, who work closely with the 13 participating libraries.

Our mission

The mission of the Conseil supérieur des bibliothèques (CSB) consists in promoting reading and guaranteeing democratic access to knowledge. Increasing digitalization opens new ways to meet this mission. The CSBP has launched ebooks.lu to provide a free service for loaning ebooks for a broad public. Twelve public libraries in Luxembourg and the ‘Bicherbus’ mobile library are participating in this pilot project, which is being implemented by the National Library of Luxembourg.

Since 2015, the service ebooks.lu is a big success. Usage statistics show the growing number of ebooks loans. This proves that the efforts of the public libraries in investing in digital media like ebooks are meeting the demands of the broad public. To continue in this direction audiobooks in English, French and German are also included in the offer of ebooks.lu since April 2020.