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Who are we ?

ebooks.lu is the new free lending service for ebooks in English, French and German. It is a joint initiative of the Conseil supérieur des bibliothèques publiques (CSBP) and the National Library of Luxembourg (BnL).

Implementation of this service as a pilot project began in June 2015, with management entrusted to the Consortium Luxembourg and the National Library’s IT department, who work closely with the 12 participating libraries.

The Consortium Luxembourg is already responsible for the management of an online collection of 77 000 electronic journals, 600 000 scientific ebooks and more than 370 specialised databases, financed by the National Library, the University of Luxembourg and the public research centres.

Why ?

Users of Luxembourg’s public libraries have become accustomed to reading ebooks that they purchase and download on commercial platforms (Amazon Kindle, Apple iBooks, Google Play Books, etc.). They wish to also be able to consult or borrow ebooks from their libraries.

The CSBP has launched ebooks.lu to meet its goals of promoting reading and guaranteeing democratic access to knowledge. Ten public libraries in Luxembourg and the ‘Bicherbus’ mobile library are participating in this pilot project, which is being implemented by the National Library of Luxembourg.